A Mediterranean daydream with Lavinia Cernau

Photos by Lavinia Cernau


Let’s deep-dive into a never-ending summer dream with photographer Lavinia Cernau, who – just like us – has a long-lasting love for the Mediterranean. Inspired by her shots and her ability to capture the golden shades of the Mediterranean light, I got in touch with Lavinia and we had a daydreaming chat about our travel dreams, our favourite destinations and the meaning of travel.



BMJ : Both I, as a travel designer, and you as a photographer, have lives dedicated to travel and discovery, with a non-conventional routine and – I guess – interesting stories behind our life choices. How did you become a photographer? What made you take this path?

LC : And we’re leading such provocative, surprising lives, aren’t we? There’s something so enticing in not knowing where I’ll be next week, taking the days as they come! I can wholeheartedly say that photography chose me, I’ve always been an observational, feeling-driven individual, so I’m guessing my spiritual side had a thing or two to do with it.



BMJ : What does travel mean to you?

LC : Such a good question! It’s a state of mind for me – a continuous thrill in discovering new places, new cultures, seeing how people live, taking energy from their daily life, observing the little details, colors, textures.


BMJ : Personally. I love to travel at a slow pace and explore mostly places that are still little-known. What kind of traveller are you? What is your travel style?

LC : I think we’d make great travel buddies, then!



BMJ : I believe that the accommodation we choose for our travels can greatly impact the overall vibe of our experience. Personally, I prefer small family-run hotels whose owners are attentive to the environment (they usually are the kindest persons with guests too) and allow me to become familiar with the local culture and engage with the local community. What do you look for when you book your accommodation?

LC : I’m all about making connections also, so when I get to stay at a boutique hotel for example or a smaller, beautifully run place, it truly makes my journey all the more pleasurable. Making connections as humans, sharing stories is what should drive is to be kinder, more compassionate, full of joy.


BMJ : You mail shoot in Italy and other Mediterranean countries. What fascinates you the most about these destinations?

LC : I’m endlessly inspired by the sea and the Med, with all its beautiful coastlines and cultures is something else.



BMJ : What do you aim to capture with your pictures? And which subjects catch your eye the most?

LC : More often than not, I’ve been told there’s a cinematic quality to my visuals. I like to think I’m able to make people feel something when they see my photographs. I’m drawn to the thin line between light and shadow whether when that’s photographing people or places.


BMJ : What is the most surprising destination you have visited in Italy and why?

LC : Was surprised by the sheer beauty of Tropea, Calabria – you feel like you’re at the end of the world somehow.



BMJ : What are some Italian destinations on your wish list?

LC : Liguria and Abruzzo.


BMJ : Abruzzo is my home! I’d love to explore it with you one day 🙂 My secret dream is to move to Sicily, buy a piece of land, and build a place immersed in nature to welcome friends and guests from all around the world. If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

LC : That sounds idyllic! Might just be very much inspired by you and buy an old, charming dwelling somewhere in Italy too. Or Greece!


BMJ : Do you have a travel playlist?

LC: Not really, I go with the flow.



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