Unto’s Guide to Lampredotto pt.1

by Unto

To help you experience Florence in BMJ style –  just like locals do – I’ve asked my friends of Unto Toscano, a group of Florentine guys on a mission of reviving abandoned pockets of Tuscan land, one bottle at a time, to share their fave places to eat Lampredotto in Florence… If you are wondering about what Lampredotto is just keep reading and be ready to get mouthwatering, and if you are looking for the organic extra virgin olive oil of your dreams, get yourself a bottle of Unto Toscano!





Growing up in and around Florence, we have been used to sharing our incredible city with visitors from all over the globe. Every corner of its churches, museums, and cobbled streets has been mapped, toured, and sold in a convenient postcard format. However, there’s a lesser-known gem that has eluded (or even sometimes shocked!) the eyes of countless visitors, remaining Florence’s best-kept, but also most discussed, secret: Lampredotto.

Today, we would like to descend from the hills, leaving our olive trees to do their thing and take you on a journey to discover some of our favourite street food stalls scattered around our city’s beautiful squares.



So, what is Lampredotto?


A very special take on Trippa (Tripe), Lampredotto is made with one of Italy’s lesser-known ingredients: the cow’s fourth stomach, also known as the abomasum. This tender and flavour-packed meat is delicate in texture and is boiled in a delicious broth consisting of celery, garlic, onions, parsley, and bay leaves. It is then sliced thinly and served inside a semelle, a typical Florentine round sandwich, garnished with the mandatory Salsa verde – a tangy green sauce made of parsley, garlic, vinegar, and olive oil that adds an irresistible zest.

Tracing its origins back to the Middle Ages, Lampredotto was once considered ‘food of the poor’ due to its affordability and the ease of sourcing its ingredients. Over time, this scrumptious dish has evolved into a true symbol of Florentine culinary tradition – it is really hard to find this exact combination of flavours outside of Florence, even just a few miles out.

Lampredotto is mostly consumed for lunch with friends and colleagues while sitting on the steps of a churchyard or – if you get there early to secure a spot – perched on the side of one of the food trucks. 

We frequently debate which ‘Trippaio’ makes the best Lampredotto, but we will refrain ourselves from ranking them here. Instead, here are five easily accessible ‘Trippai’ in the city centre that you should definitely try.



Just outside Porta Beccaria, this is a popular lunchtime meeting spot, offering a variety of specials such as Tripe, Lampredotto, and Cheek in different sauces. 



A historic Lampredottaio that up until 15 years ago sold everything from his own Piaggio Ape 🙂 Considered the best in town for tripe. It’s lovely to eat a sandwich on the steps of Sant’Ambrogio Church, basked in sunlight during lunchtime.



Incredibly central, Orazio is unique for his way of slicing Lampredotto directly on bread, which adds an extra flavour. Enjoy a sandwich and make a wish next to the famous Porcellino statue.



Young and energetic guys that are relatively new to the game, and will not settle for anything less than a five star experience. Enjoy your Lampredotto served from their tiny shop-in-a wall under a beautiful arch.



Located on a small street above Porta Romana, they have a great selection of Trippa, Lampredotto, Breast, and also some unique Lampredotto meatballs. Talk to Lapo to organise your dinner here, and have a taste of our Unto olive oil.




As you stroll through the streets of Florence, you will discover plenty of other hidden Trippai that we did not include in this list. Our guide was purely based on a daily cycle around town during a sunny lunch break. The experience of tasting Lampredotto is also not limited to the stalls within the city centre; you can also find incredible ones outside the city walls.

Our guide aims to serve as an introduction to the delightful world of Lampredotto, and perhaps in the future, we could share more. Until then, we encourage you to embark on your own gastronomic adventure, and we’re confident you will enjoy it 🙂



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