Embrace a way of travelling that allows you to reconnect to yourself and makes you feel free. Soak up that holiday thrill you wish could last forever. Experience a new reality and an authentic sense of place; that gentle unwinding feeling that comes with being in nature – the smell of grass, the cooling breeze, the sound of cicadas.

Travel unconventionally and discover places that most people will never see. Stay in intimate hideaways, and immerse yourself in your destination’s culture, just like a local.

Think: a farmer making organic cheeses in Sardinia, or a natural winemaker who opens up his Umbrian home to fellow wine aficionados. “I believe in travel experiences that allow you to reconnect with yourself through inspiring natural surroundings, delicious homegrown food, good wine and a deep connection with the local culture. Italy is much more than the most conventional destinations you can think of and I want to help you explore the unconventional side of my home country” Andrea.

Andrea’s travel curation expertise will guide you down these lesser-known paths, whether you choose to jump on a phone call for first-hand advice, or use her inspirational content, specially designed for the BeMyJourney community, as the starting point for your trip.


BeMyJourney’s travellers

A unique and immersive experience. We lived the pure essence of Sicily thanks to andrea who gave us the opportunity to get to know this beautiful land in all its peculiarities. We felt thrilled, gratified, reborn, free… but above all we felt at home!” Maria Vittoria, July 2022

I didn’t want to constantly be in my phone or laptop trying to decide details about our trip. Fortunately Andrea’s helpful tips gave us a way to enjoy the best of Italy from north to south without and guessing about where to eat, where to stay, which sites to see, and created an overall chic experience.” Chuck, June 2022

Andrea’s guide was very thoughtful and personalised – not to mention, well crafted and stylish! Her recommendations were lovely and within a good range of prices suiting all budgets. She’s also great at providing ad-hoc recommendations to suit changes in travel plans. Thanks Andrea for making our trip very memorable!” Aish, May 2022

Excellent, personable service by a travel expert” Randy, March 2022

BMJ made my holidays! Andrea gave me some great suggestions to organize my weekend in the mountains, not only for the choice of a great hotel but also to live the experience at 360°: tips for the best restaurant, SPA, shopping, excursions and itineraries in the area. I appreciated a lot also the personalized guide she sent me before the trip to better divide the days with the different things to do and place to see. All the place and restaurant suggested were great – Thanks Be My Journey and thank you so much Andrea!!” Valentina, January 2022

“There were plenty of recommendations to suit all needs! Andrea put it together in a very stylish way, and it was tailored to the things we like.” Bex, Sept 2021

Andrea was professional, patient, and very communicative. She made some excellent suggestions for places, activities, and destinations that we simply wouldn’t have found without her. Will definitely reach out to her the next time we are in the area 🙂” Atila, Aug 2021

Lovely experience working with Andrea. She is very helpful in curating the perfect trip for you. ” Rony, Aug 2021




  • an assessment to learn more about your current plan, passions, needs and preferences
  • a 45 min. video-call to discuss itinerary ideas, tips and answer any questions you might have
  • a follow-up email with bespoke recommendations

WHY: You are dreaming of a holiday somewhere special, making time to recharge and reconnect with yourself, while allowing for the thrill of discovery. I believe there are few better places to do this than Italy, where delicious food, good wine, rolling hills, idyllic vineyards, fresh pine forests, and an abundance of rich regional cultures await you. And the best way to enjoy these delights is as a local would.

WHAT: This travel curation service is suggested for digital nomads and travellers who want to discuss their travel plans with me.

WHY BEMYJOURNEY: Every year, I embark on long solo journeys to explore new Italian destinations, using word-of-mouth recommendations from locals to do so. And I love sharing my discoveries. I will be your local friend with whom you could have a chat to discover places you would not find otherwise and get advice on your travel plan to have an immersive journey in my home country.





  • exclusive maps, one-day itinerary ideas, and a curated list of brilliant things to do and places to eat in Ortigia, Catania and Palermo
  • a handpicked selection of day-trip ideas to discover hidden villages and wild nature reserves in Sicily

WHY: Experience daily life on the island with trips to the local markets, taste the very best ricotta pastries the region has to offer, and explore some of its best-kept secrets.

WHAT: This is not a list of the island’s many remarkable, venerated sites – you don’t need BeMyJourney to discover those. Instead, it is a hand-picked round-up of dreamy destinations where you can experience Sicily at its most authentic, and immerse yourself in its culture – just like a local.

WHY BEMYJOURNEY: This is a curated guide, filled with brilliant things to see and do and eat in a place I consider my second home.



PS: other guides are coming soon, let Andrea know which ones you would like to see!




Find unspoiled areas to explore. Peruse a hand-curated selection of authentic Italian experiences, from cheese or pasta-making workshops to hiking a volcano. And discover unique places to stay in, spanning historic palazzos through organic farmhouses. Andrea has personally visited each and every recommended spot to ensure you’ll experience her home country at its most authentic.

Acquaint yourself with the BeMyJourney ethos through the carefully curated inspirational content that Andrea designs. This includes four Seasonal Itineraries per year, one lesser-known destination to discover each season, and singular Travel Experiences that allow you to immerse yourself in Italy’s local traditions and landscapes. And that’s only a taste of what’s to come… All new Seasonal Itineraries and Travel Experiences will be shared exclusively with BeMyJourney’s mailing list, so join the community to ignite your travel inspiration.





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