Be MyJourney is a tool for conscious, culturally curious travellers, looking to see, taste and experience Italy at its most authentic. 

Be MyJourney founder Andrea believes that the best way to travel is through lived experiences that reveal the very essence of the place you’re visiting; whether that’s picking fresh tomatoes under the Tuscan sun, or getting stuck into a pottery workshop with a local artist, visiting a little-known architectural wonder, or trekking along the Sardinian seashore.

Fuelled by her own Italian heritage, gourmand nature and love of slow travel, she started Be MyJourney to help like-minded explorers discover local Italian pleasures, with a strong focus on community.


Plan Your Journey


Get inspired by Be MyJourney’s hand-picked curation of experiences, destinations and accommodation throughout Italy – each one chosen with this ethos in mind, and visited by Andrea personally.

Use this tool to build your personal journey, download your free itinerary, and – if you’d like to – request Andrea’s complimentary assistance as an intermediary between the hotels and specialists you’ve selected.

If you do, you’ll receive a personalised digital guide, including a detailed list of hidden gems, local restaurants and more. Just click “Ask Andrea”, at the end of the itinerary building process, to get in touch.

Slow Journeys

Discover Be MyJourney’s hand-curated selection of magical properties and experiences across Italy, and unravel the country’s true charm, bit by bit. *If you plan to stay more than seven nights, enjoy special benefits exclusive to BMJ users.

Themed Journeys

Peruse themed journeys, of varying lengths, for the nature lover, beauty seeker or gourmand. Pick from an inspiring selection of places to stay and things to do at every stop on your itinerary.  *As most destinations are rural, BMJ recommends taking a road trip!


Be MyJourney is a tool designed to both simplify and elevate your travel research process. It enables you to explore Italy in a mindful and inspiring manner, with a strong focus on cultural exchange.

Find unspoiled areas to explore; peruse a hand-curated selection of authentic Italian experiences, like cooking handmade pasta or hiking a volcano; and discover magical places to stay in, from historic palazzos to intimate farm houses. 

If this is the kind of travel experience you crave, then please browse the website, get inspired and have fun.


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