Italy is a treasure trove of thrilling culture, delicious food and drink, awe-inspiring nature and close-knit communities, but all too often the Italy that tourists experience is far cry from the one enjoyed by Italians themselves. 

Fuelled by my own passion for travel and my Italian heritage, I’ve created Be MyJourney with the aim of helping others to discover the many secret joys that Italy has to offer.

Be MyJourney is a tool to a hand-curated selection of destinations, accommodation and experiences, each prioritising authenticity, intimacy and human connection, so that you can plan the most enthralling journey possible.

I have visited each and every Be MyJourney partner personally to ensure that all information about their ethos and offerings is genuine and first-hand. 

Once you’ve built your journey, you can download your itinerary for free and, should you wish to, enlist my complimentary assistance as your travel intermediary between the hotels and guides you’ve selected. In this case, you will get a personalised digital guide, including a detailed list of hidden gems, local restaurants and more. At the end of the user experience, simply click “Ask Andrea” to get in touch.



Plan Your Journey

Slow Journeys

A curated selection of properties and experiences in different destinations. Explore Slow Journeys to unveil the Italian charm bit by bit, accessing the benefits and offers reserved for travellers who plans to stay longer than seven nights.

Themed Journeys

Access to varying lengths of themed journeys, as well as a selection of properties and experiences for each step of your itinerary.  * As most of the destinations featured are rural areas, the best way to explore them is in a road trip.


Be MyJourney is a tool designed to both simplify and elevate your travel research process. It will enable you to explore Italy in a mindful and inspiring manner, with a strong focus on cultural exchange.

Be MyJourney exists so that you can navigate Italy as a modern, conscious traveller – not just a tourist – discovering the true charm of each place you visit and engaging meaningfully with the people you meet. So please, browse the website, get inspired and have fun.


My Apulian Way