Be MyJourney’s travel philosophy is driven by authenticity. Each of the selected destinations and experiences respect the essence of Italy, its culture and its natural environment.


Be MyJourney seeks to support local communities – especially outside of the tourist trail – by connecting individual services and specialists with conscious, culturally curious travellers. This, in the hope to empower you to venture beyond Italy’s mainstream tourist destinations in the knowledge you’re making a positive impact. 


Be MyJourney’s goal is to inspire and simplify your travel research process, giving you the freedom to create your own customised journey starting from the inspirational content available on the website or getting Andrea’s bespoke travel design support.



Be MyJourney takes you off-the-beaten-path to live authentic travel experiences; each travel experience and itinerary proposed is designed to help you discover the raw beauty of Italy and its offbeat side.

Andrea has created a series of travel experiences and seasonal itineraries that cater to different journey moods. Do you want to reconnect with nature? Are you seeking out beauty, or delicious food, perhaps? “Understanding the why behind each journey allows me to determine the what and where to ensure I get the most out of my trip.” Andrea

Andrea has personally visited every property featured by Be MyJourney, selecting rural destinations that embrace a conscious philosophy. Although each fosters its own unique approach, they all reflect Italy’s storied heritage, while doing their part to protect the landscape they inhabit and support the local community.

Every experience featured on Be MyJourney is one that allows you to connect with Italy’s sublime natural environments and/or deep-rooted traditions, while forging a long-lasting relationship with the place you’re visiting and the people met on the way.


Travel is about expanding our horizons, discovering new ways of seeing, doing, eating and being.

Be MyJourney founder, Andrea Martina Specchio, has journeyed all around the world – from the Galapagos to Ladakh to Svalbard – embracing an ethos of conscious travel centred on people and place. She’s learnt that the best way to get to know a country is through authentic experiences and meaningful human connections. That’s why she founded Be MyJourney, to help you discover the true essence of Italy, beyond the usual imagery of the country where she was born and raised. 


Be MyJourney enables a mindful approach to travel in Italy, offering a hand-curated selection of mainly offbeat destinations to choose from, places to stay, and things to do – each with a strong focus on local community.


Italy is a treasure trove of thrilling culture, delicious food and drink, awe-inspiring nature and close-knit communities, but all too often the Italy that tourists experience is far cry from the one enjoyed by Italians themselves. Be MyJourney exists so that you can navigate Italy as a modern, conscious traveller – not just a tourist – discovering the raw beauty of each place you visit and engaging meaningfully with the people you meet.


Be MyJourney’s handpicked selection of hotels and experiences – alongside the inspirational imagery and curated editorial content – are tailored to help you travel in a mindful way and experience and discover Italy at its most genuine and authentic. 

This is Be MyJourney’s guiding principle, whether selecting Be MyJourney’s partners, designing bespoke journeys, developing new Travel Experiences or Seasonal Itineraries, or finding beautiful things to share with you via Be MyJourney’s monthly newsletter and Instagram profile.

Reviews from Be MyJourney’s travellers



Andrea was professional, patient, and very communicative. She made some excellent suggestions for places, activities, and destinations that we simply wouldn’t have found without her. Will definitely reach out to her the next time we are in the area 🙂” Atila, Aug 2021

Lovely experience working with Andrea. She is very helpful in curating the perfect trip for you. ” Rony, Aug 2021

“There were plenty of recommendations to suit all needs! Andrea put it together in a very stylish way, and it was tailored to the things we like.” Bex, Sept 2021