Foster a travel philosophy driven by authenticity, developing an offering that allows you to respect the environment and local communities.


Empower local communities – mainly off the tourist trail – to benefit from the support of travellers, while empowering you to go beyond mainstream tourist destinations and have a positive impact.


To inspire and simplify your travel research and the planning of one-of-a-kind journeys.


Be MyJourney takes you off-the-beaten-path to live authentic experiences. The destinations and itineraries proposed by Be MyJourney will enable you to discover the real charm of Italy. I have designed the themed itineraries to reflect the mood you want for your journey, starting from the “why” behind each journey rather than from the “where”.

I have personally visited all the properties featured by Be MyJourney, making a selection based on their conscious philosophy and location in rural destinations. While having a different approach, each property celebrates the Italian folklore, enhancing the land and empowering local communities.

The experiences I have selected for Be MyJourney will enable you to connect with nature and to grasp Italian traditions, while forging a long-lasting relationship with the destinations you chose for your journey.


Having visited over 60 countries worldwide – mostly secluded like Galapagos, Svalbard and Ladakh – I have always been driven by the pursuit of authenticity and unique experiences.

Inspired by my travel style, for a long time foreign friends have asked me for suggestions and recommendations when planning their journeys in Italy.

Motivated by these conversations, I decided to take the plunge and share these special places and experiences with you, allowing you to plan one-of-a-kind personalised journeys.


Be MyJourney encourages a mindful approach to experience and discover the authentic charm of Italy.

The destination and service selections are critical steps of your journey planning. Be MyJourney will help you to choose the right places and services so you can experience Italy as Italians do.


Italy is a treasure trove of thrilling culture, delicious food and drink, awe-inspiring nature and close-knit communities, but all too often the Italy that tourists experience is far cry from the one enjoyed by Italians themselves. 


Be MyJourney exists so that you can navigate Italy as a modern, conscious traveller – not just a tourist – discovering the true charm of each place you visit and engaging meaningfully with the people you meet.

This is the guiding principle at the heart of selecting each of Be MyJourney’s partners, developing the journeys and researching information to share with you on Be MyJourney Journal and instagram profile.