Impeccable taste, sensitivity, intuition, guidance and advice from someone who instantly feels like a dear friend. I wish i could keep her in my pocket for when I need travel help. A wonderful exchange through and through. Thank you!” / Sarah, May 2023

Pantelleria be my journey

The travel experience that Andrea curated for me, in Tuscany and Liguria, was simply perfect: the most gorgeous remote spots, the most overwhelmingly beautiful views, the nicest places with the most welcoming staff, and, most importantly the tastiest food and wine. Authentic, relaxing, blissfully non-touristy. The very best of rural Italy, that I know without a doubt I’d never have discovered without Andrea’s help.” / Daisy, August 2022

Sicily be my journey

A unique and immersive experience. We lived the pure essence of Sicily thanks to andrea who gave us the opportunity to get to know this beautiful land in all its peculiarities. We felt thrilled, gratified, reborn, free… but above all we felt at home!” / Maria Vittoria, July 2022

Salina – Aeolian Islands be my journey

I didn’t want to constantly be in my phone or laptop trying to decide details about our trip. Fortunately Andrea’s helpful tips gave us a way to enjoy the best of Italy from north to south without and guessing about where to eat, where to stay, which sites to see, and created an overall chic experience.” / Chuck, June 2022

Tuscany be my journey

Andrea’s guide was very thoughtful and personalised – not to mention, well crafted and stylish! Her recommendations were lovely and within a good range of prices suiting all budgets. She’s also great at providing ad-hoc recommendations to suit changes in travel plans. Thanks Andrea for making our trip very memorable!” / Aish, May 2022

Sorrento be my journey

Excellent, personable service by a travel expert” / Randy, March 2022

Abruzzo be my journey

BMJ made my holidays! Andrea gave me some great suggestions to organize my weekend in the mountains, not only for the choice of a great hotel but also to live the experience at 360°: tips for the best restaurant, SPA, shopping, excursions and itineraries in the area. I appreciated a lot also the personalized guide she sent me before the trip to better divide the days with the different things to do and place to see. All the place and restaurant suggested were great – Thanks Be My Journey and thank you so much Andrea!!” / Valentina, January 2022

Ponza be my journey

“There were plenty of recommendations to suit all needs! Andrea put it together in a very stylish way, and it was tailored to the things we like.” / Bex, Sept 2021

Ischia be my journey

Andrea was professional, patient, and very communicative. She made some excellent suggestions for places, activities, and destinations that we simply wouldn’t have found without her. Will definitely reach out to her the next time we are in the area 🙂” / Atila, Aug 2021

Sardinia be my journey

Lovely experience working with Andrea. She is very helpful in curating the perfect trip for you. ” / Rony, Aug 2021

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