hidden Italia, the key to your authentic Italian experience

You are dreaming of a holiday somewhere special, making time to recharge and reconnect with yourself, while allowing for the thrill of discovery. I believe there are few better places to do this than Italy, where delicious food, good wine, rolling hills, idyllic vineyards, fresh pine forests, and an abundance of rich regional cultures await you. 

And the best way to enjoy these delights is as a local would.

Every year, I embark on long solo journeys to explore new Italian destinations, using word-of-mouth recommendations from locals to do so. And I love sharing my discoveries.

This travel curation service is suggested for digital nomads and travellers who want to discuss their travel plans with me.

I will be your local friend with whom you could have a chat to discover places you would not find otherwise and get advice on your travel plan to have an immersive journey in my home country.


  • an assessment to learn more about your current plan, passions, needs and preferences (for this reason, please do not book a same-day meeting)
  • an up to 45 min. video-call to discuss itinerary ideas and tips based on your assessment form as well as any questions you might have about your upcoming journey
  • a follow-up email with customised recommendations sent within 1 week from the call