Exploring Salina, a mystic island

By Michele Merenda

By Michele Merenda

“Connect with Mother Earth by discovering valleys whose beauty is a balm for the soul”. Michele Merenda


Being bonded with nature has never felt so good and Salina, the greenest of the Aeolian Islands and the one with the richest biodiversity, is a unique destination for travellers looking for some peace and a pristine environment.

This mystic island offers different places, once part of an esoteric culture, where you will breathe a soothing atmosphere ideal to meditate and reconnect with your soul. Not just over summer, but all year round. In spring, when the island is blooming and the grass is covered by scotch brooms flowers, or in September when the air is still warm, but the atmosphere is tranquil and there are fewer tourists.

There are not many places with a biodiversity as rich and accessible as the one of Salina. With Umarruggiu, my cultural organisation, I introduce you to this natural environment unveiling the tales that are part of its traditions, to the point that you become a part of it, grasping the real soul of this island, my home: Salina. Not just a Mediterranean paradise, but a destination where even a walk becomes an intimate discovery among a sequence of breathtaking views like the ones you get by exploring Fossa delle Felci mountain.

Being high over 900 mt, this mountain represents the highest peak of the island and one of its six inactive volcanos. By offering a variety of enchanting routes covered by the lush endemic flora, this hike provides an adventure that can be tailored to any interest and need. Opting for the most immersive trail, we will depart from the Madonna del Terzito sanctuary to then pass through ancient valleys and woods and descend through the volcano carter covered by oaks, pines and chestnut trees. A place that is so uncontaminated to feel mystical.

By hosting a wide world of biodiversity, Salina’s landscapes and trails will not only fill our eyes with beauty but will let us reach those senses of reconnection with nature and our inner self that we always chase.

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