Words by Andrea

I am – and I am sure we all are – deeply in love with Ischia and Capri and Naples and the Amalfi Coast, of course! But have you ever heard of Procida?

Procida is a colourful and mostly unexplored island between Naples and Ischia, a destination committed to sustainability that has just been selected as Italy’s Culture Capital for 2022!

Although I was hoping for the title to go to my hometown L’Aquila,  whose name was among the other 9 candidates, it is a joy to see a tiny hidden gem like Procida winning it!

Italy’s Culture Capital contest was established by the country’s Art and Cultural Heritage Ministry in 2014 to support and encourage cities to develop cultural projects. The competition aims to highlight the importance of culture for social cohesion, creativity, innovation as well as economic development and growth.

The prize has been usually won by bigger towns like Palermo or Parma, whereas Procida is a small island characterised by the unique palette of the fishermen houses facing its little harbour.

A place still untouched by mass tourism that, winning this title, puts a spotlight on all Italian small towns (and islands) encouraging us to rediscover their charm! Italy is not only made-up of famous cities’ grandeur, but mostly of these little hamlets perched on hills or facing the Mediterranean Sea, like Procida. As stated by the island’s mayor – R. Ambrosino, this is a victory for all Italian minor villages’ communities who, through this prize, rediscover the pride and enthusiasm of being part of the Bel Paese (Italy).

This folkloristic island, full of citrus’ crops and vineyard, is not only a hidden gem waiting for you explore it, but also a destination committed to sustainability. Already called the “plastic bag free island”, last year Procida launched the “Procida Carbon Free” project. A plan designed to enhance the quality of life on the island, while taking a big step towards the fight against climate change, aiming to set as an example for other Italian towns to move toward the same direction.

Promoting a green economy, “Procida Carbon Free” encourages, among other actions, the adoption of green principles to run the Island’s public works and provides incentives for the implementation of renewable energies.


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