I designed this experience for you to discover the rich land of Cilento and its tasty gastronomic landscape.

I believe the best would be for the experience to begin in the late morning when you’ll meet Adele, an experienced and passionate guide from the area. Adele will be your local buddy, staying with you the whole day and answering all your questions.

I’d suggest starting the day by exploring the historic town of Agropoli, whose name derives from the Greek word “Akropolis”, meaning “upper town”. This little gem is a picturesque fishing village overlooking the Cilento coast, about 25 minutes drive from Domus Laeta.

When it’s lunchtime, my proposal is to visit a traditional local farm that produces extra virgin olive oil and wine, still picking the grapes by hand to ensure the quality and genuineness of their product. Once there, you will have a chance to visit the vineyards and olive groves, before going behind the scenes to discover the winemaking process. The visit will be followed by local produce tasting, including buffalo mozzarella and homemade typical delicacies such as stuffed aubergines and focaccia and 4 different wines.

After lunch, you could visit a local fig farm in Prignano, about 15 minutes drive from Agropoli. Cilento‘s figs are among the best in Italy and here you will take a taste journey to discover the sweetest flavours of their dried figs, marmalades and chocolate while learning more about this old and little known local tradition. The visit lasts about 1 hour.

Before going back to Domus Laeta, I suggest having a stroll in Ogliastro Cilento another charming little village in the area.

This is just a sketch and I can adjust the experience depending on your needs and further interests.

Below, I share the costs for the single activities and once you’ll have a date and the final number of attendees I’ll be able to provide an exact quote per person.

  • Adele, your local buddy: 180 euro for the full day (for the whole group)
  • Wine and olive oil maker visit + lunch and wine tasting: 42 euro per person
  • Fig farm visit + produce and chocolate tasting: 25 euro per person
  • BeMyJourney experience design 10% on the total cost

Please note that you’ll have to pay each farm directly on-site with cash or credit card, whereas the guide can be paid with cash or via bank transfer and BeMyJourney via bank transfer. I am sorry for the hassle, but we are all small businesses and we are not able to combine the payments at the moment.




A candlelight escape, Matera


This Travel Experience takes you under the skin of Matera, to discover its culture and live an intimate candlelight escape that I dedicate to all lovers.




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