Words by Andrea

Andrea, Founder Be MyJourney

Are you looking for ethical travel outfit ideas? The Look is a section to highlight brands highly committed to sustainability and an inspirational mood-board for your next modern conscious traveller look!

The Look puts a spotlight on practical and light pieces that you can easily use for both day and night looks, always in the spirit to pack light luggage.

For the first issue of this Journal – dreaming about warmer days – I thought about a look to wear on a summer day in Tuscany. I chose these shades and shapes being inspired by the Tuscan countryside colours and its rolling hills’ lines.




Ethical fashion dress




BY  : Ormai London, UK – Photo courtesy Ormai London

THE CHOICE : Cartagena dress is cut from 100% GOTS certified organic linen locally produced in London.

THE PRICE : £360 at Ormai London website.

THE BRAND  : Ormai London is a sustainable luxury label that works with organic linen and it is committed to make everlasting collections in an ethical way, considering the linen source, the production process and the people involved in it.

Ethical jewellery lab grown diamonds recycled gold




BY : MATILDE Jewellery, UK – Photo courtesy MATILDE Jewellery

THE CHOICE : Sphere Huggies and Minimus Bracelet both made from 100% Recycled 14-Carat Gold and Lab-Grown Diamonds

THE PRICE : Sphere Huggies £300 /  Minimus Bracelet £290 at MATILDE Jewellery website

THE BRAND : MATILDE Jewellery is a new sustainable fine jewellery brand by Matilde Faria Mourinho Felix. It uses only Recycled Gold and Lab-Grown Diamonds, eco-friendly packaging, and transparent processes cutting out intermediaries to keep the pieces as affordable and accessible as they possibly can be.

Ethical fashion bag




By  : The Noces, Portugal – Photo courtesy The Noces

THE CHOICE : The Lea bag entirely handcrafted using 100% natural raffia.

THE PRICE : 50 Euro at The Noces website.

THE BRAND : The Noces is an ethical fashion brand inspired by the Malagasy traditional craftsmanship techniques. The brand is attentive to social and environmental sustainability and it works with family-owned businesses and sole artisans.

Ethical shoes made in Italy




BY  :  Melidé, Italy – Photo courtesy Melide

THE CHOICE : Cosy shoes are traditional Italian shoes originate in the region of Friuli. They are made by velvet and handcrafted by Italian craftsmen.

THE PRICE : 54 Euro at Melidé website .

THE BRAND  : Melidé is an Italian ethical brand created by women who believe fashion can exist without harming the planet. Melidé promotes craftsmen creations and a timeless and off-season fashion.

Ethical sunglasses made in Italy




BY  :  Salcheto, Italy – Photo courtesy Salcheto

THE CHOICE : Bischero (honey) and Obvious (green) sunglasses are 100% handmade in Italy using biodegradable plastic and wine barrels’ left-over wood from Salcheto’s cellars in Montepulciano, Tuscany.

THE PRICE : 179 Euro (purchase email request at currently discounted at 90 Euro if bought onsite at Salcheto’s winery.

THE BRAND : Salcheto is an Italian certified sustainable winery and boutique hotel in Tuscany. Salcheto believes that any company should aim to continuously improve its environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Ethical hats made in Italy




BY :  Le Hat, Italy – Photo courtesy Le Hat

THE CHOICE : Juno Hat is handwoven by Italian artisans using natural straw. It is easy to roll and fold, so it is perfect to be packed.

THE PRICE : £ 70 at Le Hat website

THE BRAND : Le Hat is a brand that uses sustainable and recycled materials as well as biodegradable packaging. The whole production cycle takes place in Italy.


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