Words and photos by Elena and Margherita Micheluzzi

Elena and Margherita Micheluzzi


“We have realised that our desire, our ambition, is to carry on such an incredibly valuable tradition adding our taste and vision. Micheluzzi Glass



Being daughters of a glass artist in Venice, Massimo Micheluzzi, we grew up surrounded by glass. Since we were kids, we spent a lot of time in his workshop and often went with him to the furnace in Murano, where our father produces his work. We were obviously fascinated by this incredible material and we inevitably developed a sensibility for it, but we didn’t know yet what a profound impact glass would have had on our lives later on. At the time, we saw our father’s work as unique and unrepeatable, tied exclusively to his name and his talent, so we didn’t think we could follow in his footsteps. Until 2019, when we founded Micheluzzi Glass, our own collection.

Before we started this project, we were both living in London. Even after many years abroad, one working in contemporary art (Elena) and one in fashion (Margherita), we still felt a strong bond with Venice, unconsciously waiting for the right opportunity to come back. It was during a family reunion that we started discussing with our father about glass, his work, his legacy and new ideas. That episode unchained many conversations. We both felt an inner drive, a curiosity, an excitement, so we started sharing ideas, drawing, thinking, studying glass catalogues, and just like that, we rediscover a world that has always been there.

That was the precise moment when Micheluzzi Glass was born. It was January 2019 when, for the first time, we visited the furnace in Murano for our own glass. Being there, no longer as spectators, but finally actively participating in the creative process, completely changed our perspective about the glass world. Our first idea for glassware was the “Mosso Glass. We started from there and we kept experimenting so our collection began to take shape, including not only glassware, but vases in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and techniques.


On a boat toward Murano


Everything started so naturally, as a game, but then we decided to radically change our lives and dedicate ourselves to this project. And so it was. We resigned from our jobs in London and moved back to Venice, where we officially started our new lives. A new chapter for us as “Micheluzzi Sisters”. From that moment, the past two years have been intense and full of projects and things to learn and experiment with. During this time we have explored different techniques, and step by step we have defined our style, always embracing the ancient glassmaking tradition of Murano. In fact, despite a modern twist, like our father’s, our approach to the work remains closely linked to Venetian history and heritage.

At the furnace in Murano

Mosso glasses

Within these two years of experience, and we hope many more to come, we have realised that our desire, our ambition, is to carry on such an incredibly valuable tradition adding our taste and vision. A vision defined by the sensorial experience of glass and the “texture” as the distinctive trait of our collection. For us, each of our glass creations is characterised by a distinctive surface that transforms the perception of glass, especially when exposed to light. Thanks to this game of light and texture playing together, each glass produces special shimmering effects that constantly reminds us of Venice and the atmosphere of the Lagoon. 

Venice, after all, is at the centre of it all. We couldn’t do what we do somewhere else, not just because Venice is notoriously the centre of excellence for the art of glass, but because our endless source of inspiration is the unique beauty of this town. As we always say: we are just lucky enough to live here!

Ghiaccio collection







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