Ciao, this is Andrea – an Italian globetrotter and the travel designer behind BeMyJourney.

If you are looking for a travel experience that goes at a slow rhythm – taking the time to reconnect to the world and yourself, want to discover off-the-beaten-path destinations and experience Italy like a local, you are in the right place!

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BMJ travellers’ reviews


The travel experience that Andrea curated for me, in Tuscany and Liguria, was simply perfect: the most gorgeous remote spots, the most overwhelmingly beautiful views, the nicest places with the most welcoming staff, and, most importantly the tastiest food and wine. Authentic, relaxing, blissfully non-touristy. The very best of rural Italy, that I know without a doubt I’d never have discovered without Andrea’s help.” / Daisy, August 2022

I didn’t want to constantly be in my phone or laptop trying to decide details about our trip. Fortunately Andrea’s helpful tips gave us a way to enjoy the best of Italy from north to south without and guessing about where to eat, where to stay, which sites to see, and created an overall chic experience.” / Chuck, June 2022

Excellent, personable service by a travel expert” / Randy, March 2022

Andrea was professional, patient, and very communicative. She made some excellent suggestions for places, activities, and destinations that we simply wouldn’t have found without her. Will definitely reach out to her the next time we are in the area 🙂” / Atila, Aug 2021




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